40K Foundation

40K has been set up to cater to an ever-widening gap in the education ecosystem in developing countries, where the urban-rural divide has created inequity in access to good quality learning resources.

Our Belief is that education can change lives and hence must be available equally to all children, irrespective of their location, gender, race or circumstances.

Today, we do this through an innovative use of technology that makes good quality learning content and assessments available offline for use in environments with no internet, lack of consistent electricity and a shortage of trained teachers. 


Currently, our flagship program, PLUS English (https://www.40kplus.com), is being used by schools in India and Cambodia to build students' competency in listening, reading, writing and speaking basic English.


We believe that when children can read, write and speak English, they can read to learn and engage in meaningful conversations, which becomes the foundation for future study and increased employability.

 Technology Against Poverty Prize

Winner 2016

Accelerator Grant Winner 2017

Winner, Innovation Award

Australian Social Enterprise Awards 2016

The PLUS English Program

Targets first generation English learners

In India and Cambodia

Proven acceleration of learning outcomes

Winner, MIT Solve

NYC 2017 & Boston 2018

Emerging EdTech Company of the Year

Bangalore, India 2018

40K Plus is committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.

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